Operative Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy

This document was created based on Law No. 12,965, of April 23, 2014, with the objective of protecting the privacy of its users, using the technology of way that all the information obtained by our website is stored in a safe and thus ensuring the protection and privacy of that information.

All information provided can be analyzed, intercepted, monitored, all actions can be recorded, copied, examined, and inspected by Operative. By accepting the terms of this privacy policy the user consents and authorizes the aforementioned procedures.

As a policy of Operative, we do not sell, assign or share information with institutions public or private, thus being accessed only by system administrators.

Also in accordance with the civil framework of the internet, the user may request the exclusion of their data and access history, as long as the 6-month deadline is respected.

For suggestions or complaints regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at dev@operative.com.br

Operative Team